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Donation Opportunities

Powerland Heritage Park needs your support to expand and grow.


Volunteer Opportunities


The Antique Powerland Museum Association and all the Museum Partners are membership non-profit corporations. Members not only help support the museums they also elect the Boards of Directors and set major policy. So by becoming a member you will be an important part of the future success of Powerland.

Powerland Heritage Park and its Museum Partners are “all volunteer” organizations. All activities of management, administration, maintenance, hosting, restorations, construction, and landscaping are staffed by volunteers. The Great Oregon Steam-Up involves over 700 volunteers! Volunteers have a diversity of projects and other contributions to select from. Some of the activities present significant learning experiences.

The big volunteer day at Powerland is Wednesday. There’s always a coffee pot going and plenty of new friends to meet. Every Wednesday, from May through the middle of August, a free lunch is served for our volunteers by a group of volunteers, compliments of APMA.

We welcome and appreciate your contributions of time, talent and financial support.

Call the APMA office at 503-393-2424 for more information.


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